ENERGIE IP, the future of Smart Building.

Created in 2015 by the current founder Gregory Besson Moreau, ENERGIE IP entered the Smart Building market after 2 years of research and development.

Its objective: to win over future customers with its solution consisting in making building technical management (BMS) more flexible and universal. To do this, it uses the latest technological developments, particularly PoE (Power over Ethernet). An ingenious system for controlling and supplying direct current (DC) to electrical devices such as LED lights, blinds, air conditioning and all other types of objects that can be connected to the Internet (IoT).

An innovative, ecological and scalable solution, which aims to improve user comfort, but also to simplify and, above all, secure installation and maintenance. Indeed, PoE technology requires only a very low voltage. In addition, all the elements connected to the solution can be controlled remotely, on a smartphone, using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology or using a remote control or a control station.