The innovation is now

At ENERGIE IP we adapt to todays and tomorrow’s demand by offering a continuously evolutive BMS solution.

PoE 100W

• We are the first one to be able to inject a 100W per port with the ability to share this power among multiple DC powered equipment (daisy changing – IP filed). Our solution is fully IEEE 802.3bt compliant (recently ratified 100W norm). Using our IP infrastructure, we pilot and control all DC equipment individually under one platform.

Green Mindset

• Using our solution reduces your CO2 footprint. We’ve developed a solution that can directly be connected to a solar / green energy grid. Imagine an auto DC/DC consumption solution where you able to re-inject the additionally generated renewable energy into the national grid, or into batteries and could charge your electric cars.

IP Open Source Infrastructure

• While we talk about IoTs with its numerous advantages and services, we tend to set aside the platform integration of it. Most players in the market believe in a closed propriety system for financial gains. We decided to take the opposite road in making our infrastructure OPEN to everyone and evolutive. Using such philosophy will permit not only 3rd parties developers to innovate more IoTs and services at a measured cost with less the hassle of creating new communication protocols, it will also give the ability to 3rd party hardware manufacturers to develop new and improved future DC products that will easily integrate with our system. We simply provide an Open and evolutive secured base infrastructure for the ecosystem to flourish.