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Energie IP and Ubiant join forces to offer a new-generation BMS systembased on a “PoE-BOS inside” solution

World’s first 23,000 sqm office building delivered to Nexity

Paris; April 8, 2020 – Energie IP and Ubiant have joined forces to offer a new-generation Building Management System (BMS) based on a full-IP PoE technology (Power over Ethernet) and incorporating a Building Operating System (BOS).

Their collaborative strategy has culminated in the signing of a framework agreement that has been instrumental in developing the first end-to-end offering for an industrialized and massively deployable “PoE-BOS inside” solution in the office building market.

This solution harnesses Energie IP’s expertise in the PoE technology and Ubiant’s software competence in distributed artificial intelligence.

All of Energie IP’s POE devices (Switch & Drivers) are equipped with Ubiant’s BOS as standard to ensure system interoperability, building’s business functions and guarantee service scalability throughout its lifecycle.

Thanks to this partnership, Energie IP and Ubiant contributed to the delivery of the world’s first “PoE-BOS inside” office building of 23,000 sqm built by Bouygues Construction for Nexity this February in Paris. It headquarters France’s largest Engineering firm “Artelia”.

This State of the Art building covers all the functions from controlling and piloting Led lights, blinds and temperature using an interactive and energy predictive based system.

An Energie IP by Ubiant 3D app is available to the building’s occupants and visitors. Acting as the building’s “digital twin”, this app gives users intuitive access to the various services available within the different living areas in the form of a 3D view.

“With the agreement that we have signed with our partner Ubiant, we are raising the bar on user comfort by offering an open, scalable, safe and green solution for today’s offices and homes, and by laying the foundations for tomorrow’s innovation. Alongside Emmanuel Olivier, our objective is unambiguous: buildings with a reduced energy footprint and free data available to all users,” says a delighted Grégory Besson Moreau, CEO of Energie IP.

Emmanuel Olivier, CEO of Ubiant, stresses: “By combining their forces, European start-ups can transform into major groups. Digital sovereignty in France and Europe will involve disruptive technologies, such as PoE and BOS. I’m especially grateful that Grégory Besson Moreau shares the same view and ambition as our company.”

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ENERGIE IP is a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing Building Management Systems (BMS). An innovative solution based on the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. A new technology for controlling and monitoring DC-powered devices, such as lights, blinds, sensors and HVAC equipment.

ENERGIE IP injects native intelligence, connectivity and scalability into buildings with a unique infrastructure for managing data and powering equipment. Maintenance is so simple that it can be performed remotely. The aim is to raise the bar on user comfort by offering a scalable, safe and green solution for today’s and tomorrow’s offices.

Ubiant’s mission is to further the deployment of “ambient intelligence” in living areas to improve the future well-being of individuals while preserving natural resources. Ubiant has therefore developed a Building Operating System (BOS) that aims to exploit a building’s smart resources and thereby provide a wealth of scalable services over time. One of Ubiant’s objectives is to reduce building energy use while improving user well-being as the world transitions to a carbon-neutral economy. Ubiant believes in a model where the local-scale smart management of a single building can be used in a decentralized manner to strike a global balance across the electrical grid. This decentralized approach makes sense when talking insistently about smart cities and smart grids, and when electricity self-generation becomes mainstream.With over one million sqm equipped to date, Ubiant is one of the rare French companies to offer an industrialized solution in the Smart Building market.