PoE : What is it?

PoE is an innovative technology that allows data and DC power to pass through an Ethernet[1] cable to both power and control equipment and exchange a large amount of data. An innovative infrastructure in the BMS (Building Management Systems) world, which favours rapid installation but also electrical safety. In September 2018, the IEEE finalised the 802.3bt standard, which makes possible to increase the power of Power over Ethernet to 100W instead of the maximum 60W of the previous standard.

[1] It is recommended to use standard Cat6 Ethernet cables to ensure the flexibility and scalability of the installation

What are the prospects for the PoE development in the context of the buildings energy transition ?

Thanks to DC operation, it is more favourable that one third of the tertiary buildings consumption is supplied by a renewable energy source, such as photovoltaics. In addition, PoE BMS solutions are more efficient than conventional BMS systems because they use less copper and therefore reduce the carbon impact from industrial production to site operation. A set of processes that help to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and help them to comply with the 2020 thermal regulations.

What are the new possibilities of services offered by PoE?

The use of PoE in commercial buildings continues to grow due to the increasing number of IoT (Internet over Things) in our workspaces. When integrated with Building Management Systems, it creates an intelligent, fully connected infrastructure and improves the management of equipment to provide users optimal comfort. PoE also offers customers a wide range of services within their offices. This interconnectivity between each connected object allows a constant exchange of data giving access to equipment consumption, status, maintenance levels and positions. All this information allows operators to have a permanent follow-up of their installation. Furthermore, as PoE is a scalable solution, the building becomes perpetually upgradeable and it’s easy to add equipment to the infrastructure, even after it has been commissioned.

What is the PoE business model?

For the ENERGIE IP solution, we use PoE through our BMS solution for new buildings projects. But it can also be implemented in buildings undergoing renovation in order to enhance the installation and make it upgradeable.

Our solution offers the management of blinds, lighting, HVAC and all types of IoT. We also offer additional services throughout the life of the building that generate additional revenue. The PoE is an intelligent investment by increasing the value of the building.

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ENERGIE IP is specializes in designing and manufacturing Building Management Systems (BMS). An innovative solution based on the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. A new technology for controlling and monitoring DC-powered devices, such as lights, blinds, sensors and HVAC equipment.

ENERGIE IP injects native intelligence, connectivity and scalability into buildings with a unique infrastructure for managing data and powering equipment. Maintenance is so simple that it can be performed remotely. The aim is to raise the bar on user comfort by offering a scalable, safe and green solution for today’s and tomorrow’s offices.