What is smart building?

Smart building is a term that is increasingly used. However, what does it mean?

The smart building is equipping buildings with intelligent systems to allow a better energy management and to optimize it to the maximum. In simple terms, its role is mainly related to the desire to save energy. Thanks to the smart grid concept (intelligent electricity distribution network), intelligent buildings can be built. Electrical equipments are connected to each other on the same network.

The smart building allows connected energy management, building security and building access management. It also offers extremely high-performance Internet connectivity and creates interactivity between residents and the building via connected objects in the workspaces, thanks to smartphone applications, etc. We owe this novelty to new digital technologies : the IoT (Internet of Things). Buildings are now becoming true platforms and service centers for their occupants, thanks the BMS developed by our partner Ubiant. IoTs are helping the digital transformation of buildings.

What are the objectives of a smart building ?

The objectives of a smart building are:

  •  Save energy
  • Optimize the building user’s comfort
  • Promote user safety while complying with regulations


Types of equipments

The development of this type of construction began several decades ago but has been increasing for some time due to a rise in environmental interests in the building sector.

An intelligent building takes care of the electrical management of the building, and therefore of different equipment such as:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • Lighting (LED)
  • Blinds
  • Security system

Smart building in the workspace

For companies, a smart building is a solution to create an ecosystem of services that can be used by employees to optimize the comfort but also the consumption of their workspace. The employee can control and manage his environment remotely via an app smartphone, tablet, computer … He can open the blinds, turn on the heating before going to work. The connected building thus creates a pleasant environment and contributes to the productivity of office workers.

The benefits of smart building

A smart building brings various advantages to office buildings such as:

  • A low carbon footprint
  • Improving resident comfort
  • Secure access (biometrics, badges, etc.)
  • Remote control of devices, simplifying their daily use
  • Help to manage the building’s energy consumption

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ENERGIE IP is a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing Building Management Systems (BMS). An innovative solution based on the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. A new technology for controlling and monitoring DC-powered devices, such as lights, blinds, sensors and HVAC equipment.

ENERGIE IP injects native intelligence, connectivity and scalability into buildings with a unique infrastructure for managing data and powering equipment. Maintenance is so simple that it can be performed remotely. The aim is to raise the bar on user comfort by offering a scalable, safe and green solution for today’s and tomorrow’s offices.