More and more buildings are built and communicate using IP, the Internet Protocol. It has become a necessity to make the building communicative, scalable, and interoperable. This new network protocol is a modern and open way of seeing the building.

Communication protocols

What is a network protocol? A network protocol is a set of rules that determine how equipment data is transmitted between different devices. This protocol takes processes and breaks them down into specific tasks or functions. These functions work together at their level to complete the task at hand.

At Energie IP, we use the Internet Protocol, a computer network communication protocol consisting of a set of rules that dictate the transmission pattern of data packets.

IP is a level 3 protocol of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)/IP model. It is one of the most important protocols of the Internet because it allows the elaboration and the transport of IP datagrams (data packets) for all the connected terminals.

TCP and IP are associated protocols with complementary functions. The IP protocol will take care of the addressing of the data while the TCP protocol guarantees the good transfer of the information. This union is more and more common on buildings due to their complementarity.

IP in a Smart Building

To make the building intelligent, we propose a BOS, a Building Operating System. The BOS is the “brain” of the building, it recovers all the data from the equipment, processes them and makes decisions according to them.  It is the BOS that offers all the services available in a smart building and is connected in Ethernet on a physical or virtual network (cloud).

The IP has several layers and allows to:

  • Transfer sensor and actuator data to the BOS
  • Upload and download setpoints and TCP parameters
  • Monitor changes in building status
  • Establish a 1 to 1, 1 to many or 1 to all communication

IP also allows the improvement of building performance. Indeed, one of the first factors of improvement and economy of the building is strongly linked to the integration and the convergence of the existing solutions on a federative network and based on IP standards.

IP at Energie IP

To ensure a secure transmission of the different packets, our equipment has an encryption key, so that the data cannot be deciphered by third party devices. Our BOS is connected to a PCvue type supervisor, they communicate with each other using Bacnet which remains the most practical transfer protocol for data transmission.

Contacts Energie IP

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ENERGIE IP is a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing Building Management Systems (BMS). An innovative solution based on the Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. A new technology for controlling and monitoring DC-powered devices, such as lights, blinds, sensors and HVAC equipment.

ENERGIE IP injects native intelligence, connectivity and scalability into buildings with a unique infrastructure for managing data and powering equipment. Maintenance is so simple that it can be performed remotely. The aim is to raise the bar on user comfort by offering a scalable, safe and green solution for today’s and tomorrow’s offices.